Welcome to MoiK78 blog. Your daily intake of Internet news. This is a personal site so I post whenever I can :) but I'll try to get it daily. Be free to email me any suggestion. El bolg de Moisés García sobre tecnologías de internet y programas de diseño.
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Welcome to MoiK78 blog, your daily intake of internet and technology news.

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September 17, 2004

Problem with Central 1.5

I have installed the new version but I can't view it. It is shown in the list of tasks but I don't have the icon in the tray and no window has popped. I have waited for two minutes and nothing. Is there something wrong with the installer?
Configuration: Windows XP Proffesional SP1, Athlon XP 2400, 512 mb RAM...

Gemini == Central 1.5

That's what you get installing Central 1.5:

if (centralInstalled) {
   File Input/Output = true;
   Automatic Network Detection = true;
   Flash Player 7 and ActionScript 2.0 support = true;
   UI enhancements = true;
   New Licensing Model = true;
   AOL Instant Messenger SDK = true;
} else {
   Read this article();
   Install it asap();

September 15, 2004

Studiowhiz.com redesigned

One of the most complete online resource about Flash technology has been updated with a new design and tons of new material.

I really like the comic style, the clean interface and a great colour scheme. Check it out, Mr K has worked hard.
Studiowhiz.com | resources for the rest of us

September 14, 2004

The world's largest Burguer: 10 pounds of meat.

Yes, it's the largest burger served regulary at a restaurant in Pennsylvania. It weights 10 pounds and it includes a half-head of lettuce, 12 slices of cheese, two entire onions, a full cup of peppers, plus a 'river' of mayonnaise, ketchup and mustard. Many have taken the challenge to eat it but nowadays nobody has eaten it yet.
Do you feel hungry? Get the challenge.
View some pics here.

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