Welcome to MoiK78 blog. Your daily intake of Internet news. This is a personal site so I post whenever I can :) but I'll try to get it daily. Be free to email me any suggestion. El bolg de Moisés García sobre tecnologías de internet y programas de diseño.
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Welcome to MoiK78 blog, your daily intake of internet and technology news.

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July 31, 2002

Macromedia: The Story.
View it here
Very nostalgic this presentation and very, indeed, interesting and educational.

Probando...Probando...1...2...3...me voy de vacaciones....ya os contare.

Today no updates, sorry
Today is a bit weird 'cause in the company I work for, is firing people and I don't have the mood to search for things. The only thing I want is to receive a phone call from Telefonica offering me the job I want. Perhaps I'll be lucky...

July 30, 2002

Corpses For Sale!
View it here
Incredible... get your own "corpse" personalized. The corpses are extremely realistic. The pictures do not show the actual realism as seeing it live. You could literally be standing one foot away and not really be sure if it was real or not (except for the lack of smell and the slim possibility of coming in contact with a real corpse). The skin is made from liquid latex so even touching it feels real.

Sam Lind site.
View site
Great solutions for navigation stuff. Also the work is really good.

July 29, 2002

FlashGuru is back!
Site back

Great shockwave games here.
Really nice and funny games here. Via Pixelsurgeon.

July 26, 2002

Really nice site.
Check the game, it's quite funny and the interface will turn your neck to new positions...

Impressive site!!
Great website with a good sense of layout and colour scheme. I never thought I would spend more than 15 minutes in a website about lights and ilumination.

July 25, 2002

Space rock on collision course with Earth!
It would occur in 2019, although the certains are large.

International Blog MEETUP!
MeetUp website
It's a local gathering of a group of people brought together by a common interest. Over coffee, over a beer maybe. MEETUPs are like book clubs, activist groups, shareholder meetings, user groups, fan clubs, car clubs, support groups, or study groups. Show off your dog, your car, or your handiwork. Maybe play a game or mobilize for a cause.

July 24, 2002

Protect your ActionScript.
ZDNet article by Jesse Stratford
Great article for those who want to take off eyes from your code. Via ActionScript.org

Really nice portfolio site.

July 23, 2002

Flash Player 6.0.40 : Release Notes.
New features:
- Masking Device Fonts
- Accessing ID3 properties in MP3 files (songname, artist, album, year, comment, track and genre).
- Windows Only: Intel P4 Optimizations

Want to create your own monster?
::: Monsterism :::

Homer Simpson is Canadian!
Yahoo News
The secret's out! Homer Simpson is ... a Canadian. The father of Matt Groening was Canadian and Homer is named for him so ...

Nice photographic site.

July 22, 2002

Change the face!
Interesting experiment where you can build the face tou want.

What would be your name in porn world?
Very funny. Male and female version.

Great typhograpic experiments here.
Jonathan Yuen

July 21, 2002

Standalone External and Debug Flash player 6.0.40 released!
Download it here

July 19, 2002

The best on-line comic I ever seen!
I laughed a lot when I read this on.line comic. It's really funny and a interesting way of simulate a comic.

Uno de los mejores comics on-line q he visto. Además, es para partirse. Muy bueno.

Freelance work database.
Be sure to include your resume if you are seeking for freelance work.

July 18, 2002

Flash Communication Server Components Released!
Macromedia downloads
Finally the seven components for the Flash Communication Server are released. They are :SimpleConnect, PeopleList, ConnectionLight, UserColor, Chat, SetBandwidth and AVPresence.
Via Mesh on MX.

July 17, 2002

Macromedia Flash MX Documentation Updater.
Be sure to update your Documentation.
The installer does the following:
- Replaces the entire Macromedia Flash MX help system including Using Flash and the ActionScript Dictionary.
- Adds the new Introduction to Learning Interactions tutorial. This tutorial steps you through creating an interactive quiz using the built-in learning interaction templates.
Updates the ActionScript Reference panel.
- Adds updated printable versions of Using Flash(Flash_MX_Using_Flash.pdf), the tutorials (Flash_MX_Tutorials.pdf), and the ActionScript Dictionary (Flash_MX_ASD.pdf) in a new PDF folder in the Flash MX program directory.

New Flash Player Available : 6,0,40,0
Download it here
Via Mesh on MX

Making and playing Asteroids with Flash MX.
Macromedia - Designer & Developer
This game is made completely with code. No importing graphics or making symbols is needed. Worth to take a look and learn some programming tricks.

Great experiments and animations.
Chewing gum for the eyes
I love the transition between sections, it's GREAT!.

July 16, 2002

Firefighters Rescue Man From Garbage Truck
View it here
Wierd things.

QuickTime 6 officially released
Apple website
- MPEG-4 playback and Authoring.
- AAC Audio with VBR encoding.
- Live/VOD QuickTime Broadaster.
- Macromedia Flash 5 support.
- Skip protection playback
- Updated user interface.

July 15, 2002

Processors getting too fast for OSes?
Via Warp2Search
Althought I don't think this is likely, as I have seen reports of P4s running at 3.8GHz, but I do beleive the article claim about Windows XP.

Using Components in Flash MX by Samuel Wan.
Check it here
Via SWF News.

QuarkXPress 5.01 Update.
Quark website
New updated for the best publishing software ever.

Great inspiration site.
ReFresh : reLoad
A screensaver application is used to display the exhibition when your computer sleeps.

Windows XP Pre-SP1 Hotfixes.
Windows site
Be sure to check all the fixes than have been released for Windows XP.

July 14, 2002

Nuwance Newsreader updated!
The Daily News Monkey
Uhh, very interesting news reader with a lot of news feeds. Worth a link.

July 13, 2002

Lots of essential software.

July 12, 2002

Flash Forward
Seems that today Valyard is dedicated to FlashForward. He has posted all the winners from all the Flash Film Festival. Lot's of great links there.
Be good today. Tomorrow is the Last Judge.

July 11, 2002

Mike Chambers reports from Flash Forward in NY
Flash Forward report
Be sure to check it often because there is a lot of useful information there.

Egomedia new site!
Seems that we have a "new windows system" there. Really good work here, they are great.

July 10, 2002

Uhh you gotta love it
Practice Design
Really amazing business site with great animations. Thanks to Valyard.

Awesome Site!
Really nice graphics there and the interface is lovely.

Very nice online game.
Check it out
Via SWF News.

July 09, 2002

Replace your mouse with your eye.
BBC News
Computers of the future could be controlled by eye movements, rather than a mouse or keyboard.

MS Passport takes on credit cards.
ZD NetNews
Microsoft hopes to extend its Passport online identification system into authorizing credit card payments.

New Macromedia MX product.
Macromedia Flash Communication Server MX
Unite communications and applications by adding streaming, multi-way audio, video, and live data to your websites and Rich Internet Applications. Built for streaming media, rich-media messaging, and real-time collaboration.

Today exactly 20 years ago Tron was released in the cinemas.
Tron 2.0
Not if all you will remember this film that it was a revolution in the 80's along with "War Games" because they were first that treated the computer subject, as much that TRON includes scenes generated by computer.

Earth 'will expire by 2050'
The Observer Worldview
Our planet is running out of room and resources. Modern man has plundered so much, a damning report claims this week, that outer space will have to be colonised.

DiGiT Expo 2002

Really nice experiments here.
Andy Foulds website

Strange but nice site.
Jay David: Explosion.nu

What's behind Terabyte?
View it here
Here is a listing of byte sizes up to the yottabyte_
- a yottabyte is a 1024 zettabytes
- a zettabyte is a 1024 exabytes
- an exabyte is a 1024 petabytes
- a petabyte is a 1024 terabytes
- a terabyte is a 1024 gigabytes
- a gigabyte is a 1024 megabytes
- a megabyte is a 1024 kilobytes
- a kilobyte is a 1024 bytes
- a byte is 8 bits
- a bit is set to either a 1 or a 0

July 08, 2002

Idiot of the Day.
Florida man was charged with making more than 1,100 fake calls to 911, tying up emergency service lines for two days. He placed the calls June 30 and Monday because he was bored, an Alachua County Sheriff's Office spokesman said

Pc stories.
PCWorld.com - Top Ten PC Blunders
Enjoy these true and mortifying tales about computing disasters.

Portfolio of Giuseppe Zizza.
Very good italian portfolio and playground.

Bevel Panel Components.
Samuel Wan site
Samuel Wan makes public another great Mx component.

July 07, 2002

Sydney Studio.
Ink project

Great portfolio of a 3rd year student from the NSD
Vicky portfolio
Via DesignisKinky
Great work Vicky !

Shared Fonts Tutorial
Here Branden Hall explains a bit how to use shared fonts in Flash MX.

July 06, 2002

Bit-101 redesign, more cool now.

July 05, 2002

Great site.
Great site althought I can't undestand what it says, it's german.

Nice cartoon site.
Shambulin's Website
Via Valyard

July 04, 2002

Trillian Pro 1.0 Beta Released
Via SavageNews
Great improvements and new features!
Download it here

Useful desktop news reader.
valyard's personal news reader v 0.1
I think it's a great idea to have the news reader in your HD and you don't have to go to any website to read the blogs you usually read. You can ad your favourite news feeds and to stablish an "autocheck every x minutes" option. Very useful :).

Photoshop tutorials
Great Photoshop tutorials here. Thanks to Jaime Lopez.

Really nice work here. All built from XML.
Via Stereotypography

Nice site
Via Valyard

July 03, 2002

WarCraft III v1.01 Patch!
Via Warp2search
- Fixed an issue with control group selection.
- Fixed an issue with "Observers On Defeat" option causing games to end when an observer would quit.
- Fixed an issue with preselection events and Fog of War.
- Fixed an issue with spacebar events working when the game was paused.
Download it here.

Nero Burning Rom Released!
Via Warp2Search
No changelog yet available. Download it from here or here

Another great animation by the genius Hoogerbrugge
See more of him here

Interesting point of view about Tobacco

New Flash Player Beta
Via Mesh on MX
You can download it here. The new features are: masking device fonts, accessing ID3 properties in MP3 files with the Airwolf, Flash scriptability (XPCom/LiveConnect) support for Netscape, text fields are now more efficient and consume less memory, and Intel P4 optimizations.
Release Notes

July 02, 2002

Do you remember Windows history?
Windows website

View it here
Funky illustrations and animations on this site.

New 25 Line ActionScript Contest for July 2002 !
Bit-101 contest
Seems that we have another great contest here in Bit-101. I entry the first one, perhaps in this one I have more luck and I'll be chosen between the 10 finalist !

Very funny animation of Mac ad.
Via Eat Orange

July 01, 2002

Macromedia vacants !!
Via Mesh on MX
They are looking for:
User Experience Engineer: Macromedia MX Specialist

Web Developer, Macromedia MX Specialist

Axialis Unveils First Windows XP Icons Editor: IconWorkshop 5.0!

Axialis Software Official Web Site
Axialis IconWorkshop (formerly AX-Icons) is a powerful tool designed to Create, Extract, Convert, Manage and Redistribute Windows® XP Icons. It has a fully integrated workspace that permits you to work efficiently and create professional icons in minutes. Via Warp2Search.

Nice Illustrations

Another great Pixel site.
Seems today I wake up with "pixelache" :)

Kgroup PixFont 3.2
PixFont 3.2
With this software you can convert any Treutype font into a pixel font so it's easy to read in the Flash Player. [Via FlashGuru]

Nice Pixel Site
Fly industries
Really nice pixel graphics and games.

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