Welcome to MoiK78 blog. Your daily intake of Internet news. This is a personal site so I post whenever I can :) but I'll try to get it daily. Be free to email me any suggestion. El bolg de Moisés García sobre tecnologías de internet y programas de diseño.
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Welcome to MoiK78 blog, your daily intake of internet and technology news.

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September 30, 2002

Rubberboy Alphabet
Another strange site. People do anything.

Linux Loving Sluts
View them here.
I love this "opensource".

Another strange site, Mathematical Knots!
The KnotPlot Site
Go if you have an open mind and a Cum Laude in Maths :)

Disturbing Search Requests
Are you obsessed with your site stats? Here you can post the most ridiculous request that have directed to your site.

Piss the fag ends!
Another original game. You have to aim your pee to wash away the fag ends.

Take the snow away!
Moock's games
Another great Flash game. Very amusing....

The smiley guide!
View it here.
Do you think you know everything about smilies? These are "human-smilies" :)

September 27, 2002

One PC, Six Hard Drives, 37 OSes!
Can't you belive this? Well check the link. The rig?s audacious architect is 18-year-old Richard Robbins?an Eagle Scout, all-state jazz drummer, and tireless OS enthusiast who drove with parental units and PC all the way from Southern Utah to our offices in Brisbane, CA just so we could verify the authenticity of his creation. Is this guy nuts? No. But he does confess that he launched the Menagerie project specifically because an online computer expert said it couldn?t be done.

September 26, 2002

You have to pay for MSN Messenger 5 !
Via CNET News.com
M$ plans to offer these new release with some extra features that you will have to pay for them. They suck! At least we have Trillian which is better and can use Yahoo! IM.

Flash OS!
Grant Skinner again
This OS simulation is awesome. it remainds me of the Egomedia site. It has a lot of options, be sure to check it out.

Another gesture recognition algorithm for Flash
Grant Skinner
This is great, I'm looking forward to the release of the code. Dawm, it's so cool!

Games: Starcraft Ghost announced
at Blizzard site
All of you who have been playing Starcraft will have to change his view in the game. This new game is more a 3D tactical-action game than a Strategy game. I'm sure this will be one more success for Blizzard.

September 19, 2002

Nerd site
Scare Company
Jokes, funny news and seriuos news can be found here.

Incredible site by 2Advanced!
This site is simply awesome. I love how these guys play with the lights and gradients. Thanks Valyard to point it out.

A photographer personal site
Leila Mendez

Don't mistake JoshDavis with JoshuaDavis
JoshDavis site
Interesting site of this american swimmer.

Web pages that suck!
Be sure your website is not included 8)

September 18, 2002

Levitated relaunch!
Levitated site
Here you can find lots of Flash experiments. Another daily web to visit.

SWIFT 3D V3 launched
Erain website
Finally one of the best 3D software for Flash is out. this new version comes with great enhancements.

New exciting blog!
Check it out because it has very interesting Flash experiments and games.

Good boobs here :)
See it here

Software discount for blog readers!
Via JD on MX
This is pretty cool, I think. People who read the Macromedia blogs are offered 10% off on their next purchase through the Macromedia store. We have a limited number of such discounts available, and it's first-come, first-served.

September 16, 2002

Moving to a new home!
These days I'm moving to a new and larger home!.But I won't have Internet at home for 15 days, I hope. So there is going to be few updates. Check Warp2search for News about software, drivers, etc; Valyard for Ìnspiration and good links; and Flashguru 101 and Flog for new discoveries in the Flash world. There are a lot more but you have them in my sidebar 8)
Write you soon.

September 12, 2002

Smoth but what's it about?
Conclave Obscurum
Here we have one of the very much websites which are eyecandy but ... what's the main point of it?

My eye hurts!
Eye it here
Very funny swf.

Free Flash tool.
FlashToolset 1.1.0
This is a great third party tool that every Flash developer must have.
- Regular file browser
- Preview player window
- Extract resources
- Create CD autorun files
- Convert to projector
- Web publish templates
- Unprotect movies
- Flash news reader
- Actionscript editor
and more...

Preloader Class v2.1
Jonas Galvez website
Very useful class which can preload anything you want (Images, sounds, XML, Loadvars). Good job Jonas.

Windows XP huge serious flaw!
The Register
VSAntivirus (Spanish-Español)
If you are using WinXP without SP1 you should rename or delete this file "uplddrvinfo" located in "WINDOWS\PCHEALTH\HELPCTR\System\DFS". This flaw allows any website or email to erase your files. The patch in Service Pack 1 fixes this problem. You can check this is NOT AN HOAX.

September 11, 2002

Trillian 1.0 Pro is out!
Trillian website
For only 25$ you will get the best IM tool in the net. Also you can upgrade the free version to version 0.74.

September 10, 2002

Final Fantasy website
Enter here
Really nice interface and graphics in this HTML site. Perhaps if they would have used Flash they would shorten up the production time.
[Via Valyard]

Official Windows XP Service Pack 1 website and Download.
Official Download
Microsoft continually works to improve its software. As part of this effort, we develop updates and fixes to recognized issues and release them for customers. On a regular basis, we combine many of these fixes into a single package and make the package available for you to install on your computers. These packages are called Service Packs.

September 08, 2002

PlayStation 3 seeks a radical change!
ZDNet News.

September 05, 2002

Awesome game!
The Y-Proyect
Check out the screenshots of this wonderful game. Very realistic and smooth.I think it's time to change my PC to play to this kind of games. My PC has gone old.

September 04, 2002

Great Flash+Html mix
Reality Bid
Relaxing blue for the interface (as I like) and good color scheme. Also the animations for each section are very hard worked. Another good site to take a look.
[Via Valyard|ru]

Cool professional design
Reality Slip
This site is great, the colour scheme is wonderful, very smooth and clean. Also has a forum for programers which has very useful articles.
[Via Valyard|ru]

September 03, 2002

Great DESIGN, with capital letters!
An artistic online portfolio that contains graphic and architectural works. Also a large collection of paintings are presented. Next to the personal work, favourite sites are visualized.
How could I miss this site? It's really AMAZING, the paintings, the drawings, everything but perhaps the navigation. It was hard to find the Profile, News and Links section with those names...
Great Job Jurgen !

New Swift 3D version available in September
Electric Rain site
Now with v3.0 you can do this incredible things: See them here
I think it's time to look for money in our pockets and get the v2.0 now. The upgrade to v3.0 will be FREE.

September 01, 2002

Valyard|ru v3.0 is online!
Valyard site
It seems that Valentin Simonov has worked hard on his holidays and now he's back with a bunch of great links and a new wondeful design.
Keep with the great job, Val and with those incredible websites you found. :)

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