Welcome to MoiK78 blog. Your daily intake of Internet news. This is a personal site so I post whenever I can :) but I'll try to get it daily. Be free to email me any suggestion. El bolg de Moisés García sobre tecnologías de internet y programas de diseño.
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Welcome to MoiK78 blog, your daily intake of internet and technology news.

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April 30, 2004

MoiK78 v2. New design

I have redesigned my blog so it's more accessible using a CSS-based html. Let me know if anything doesn't render properly. I have tested it in all windows browsers but I don't have a Mac to test.

April 20, 2004

Free commenting system: Enetation

If you don't have a comment system in your blog (like Blogger) maybe this is an interesting solution for you.

You don't have to host any file. That can always be an advantage if you don't have a hosting where you can't host server-side pages but the disadvantage is that if there is a problem with the system, you can't fix it.

Anyway, it's free so you can't complaint to much. Here they are some of the features: Full template support, Forum code (such as smiles and url conversion), Users can edit and delete postsComments can open in a popup window, or open in the same window, Login via your own comments box, Based on fast PHP and mySQL coding, Supported by UK Hosting company so no downtime or bandwidth shutdowns...

Visit Enetation and check it yourself.

I found it through my own Google Ads at the bottom of this website.

April 08, 2004

Earth coming to an end?

5 reasons why the planet is going to hell.
Some interesting points and proved scientifically. Here they are the 5 reasons:
- Global dimming
- Unpredictable day length
- Interplanetary chaos
- Killer supernovas
- and the most important of all: Planetary insolvency.

We know we are are destroying earth faster than we can rebuild it. That's why we are looking out to Mars. We need a new planet to destroy. As it was said in a film you probably had seen (Virus), humankind is a virus. Why? Because we act like them. We reproduce massively, we destroy all the resources near by and then we move to another location to continue with our destruction.

It's something to think about this weekend.

April 07, 2004

International MXNA

Do you speak a different language and want to read the MXNA in your language? Here they are some internationalizated:

English (official)
Brazil , just for Jonas Galvez 8)

Free webhosting if you have 200 visits or more.

A new spanish hosting company (Megaciudad) is providing free hosting if you fulfill these conditions:
- 200 unique daily visits.
- More or less acceptable design.
- To be arranged to put a pop-up.

They provided you with these:
- 50 to 250 Mbs.
- 10 Subdomains
- Unlimited Transference
- Unlimited eMails.
- PHP 4.3.4.
- MySQL 4.0.18
- PHP 4.3.4
- Perl 5.8
- Cgi
- FTP server 24H
- Configuration of errors 404,401,405..
- Scripts settled (PHP-Nuke, Invision Board..)
- WebMail.
- WebFTP
- (cPANEL)
- Support MSN 24h.

Google translation into english

I think it's a good offer if you plan to change hosting provider.

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