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Welcome to MoiK78 blog, your daily intake of internet and technology news.

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June 28, 2003

No Master (spanish flash site) has been redesigned.

Now the website have a nice and clean layout, better indeed than the previous one. Cesar Jacobi and Ricardo Salazar have made a good work improving the site.
Visit NoMaster.

June 23, 2003

Great figthing shockwave game: Teen Titans

Just in case you have some free time and want to play a good game but don't have more time than an hour then this is your website. At Cartoon Network you can play many Flash/Shockwave games.
These is one of the games I liked most: Teen Titans.
Have a good time playing it!

Thanks to Andy Makely to point out my mistake, another website (www.tierradejuegos.com) have stolen the games.

June 21, 2003

New release of MyIE2 browser: v. 0.7.1355 Final.
MyIE2 website.
For those who don't know yet what MyIE2 is, here it's a sneak of some of its features:
- Tabbed Browsing Interface.
- Mouse Gestures.
- Super Drag&Drop.
- Privacy Protection.
- AD Hunter.
- Google Bar Support.
- External Utility Bar.
- Skinning.
and more ...

The new features and some bug fixes are:
- Increased startup speed.
- Support bookmarklets.
- Zoom page feature.
- Support for RoboForm toolbar. Download the plugin here.
and more fixes ...

Download Plugins.
Download Skins.
Download MyIE2 v. 0.7.1355 - Mirror

June 13, 2003

Want to rack your brains?
Gridlock game
Jonas Galvez today pointed me out this awesome Flash game. Very addictive and difficult sometimes.

June 11, 2003

MM seminar on RIA's.
Today I went to the Macromedia seminar on RIA's held in Madrid and I felt a bit dissapointed. The whole seminar was great and the presentation was wonderful but there were nothing I haven't seen before in the Macromedia site. If that presentation had taken place four or five months ago I would be more satisfied but it seems that here in Spain we are always the last to know.

They make a great effort explaining all the steps that guide you to a good RIA and how the MM products can help you in such a challenging task. They also show us Contribute (I haven't tested it myself) and I have to say that is a very powerful tool for non-technicals and technicals professionals. I also discovered some tips to work with Fireworks and Dreamweaver (the batch proccessing and the databases connection). Ok, don't point your fingers at me and laugh... I used to work with myphpAdministrator when managing MySQL databases but now I know that I can see all the database structure with a couple of clicks.

I tried to get some info on Macromedia Central but it seems that they won't talk about it until the summer pass out. Well, that was my first MM seminar and I hope that more will be held here in Madrid.

June 10, 2003

25 years in this wonderful world.
Yes, today is my birthday. Twenty-five years ago I was born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Canary Islands) and till now I've been living in Madrid. This summer I'm planning to move to Almeria as the Internet bussiness is starting there and there will be more job opportunities than here, in Madrid. Also I could go to the beach anytime I want and have a more relaxing life.

This is one of the first images that arrived at my email this morning:

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June 09, 2003

Valyard reopens.
After some months changing ISP now Valyard is available in a new domain: valyard.com.

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June 08, 2003

Flashguru.org not there.
I notice that Guy Watson's site is down. Does somebody know what has happened?
I know that he is planning to move here, to Spain. I don't know if this ussue will be the reason the site is not there.

:: UPDATE ::
It seems that the .org domain is no longer available. You can reach Guy Watson's site at www.flashguru.co.uk.

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June 06, 2003

Awesome, Aznar singing in Eurovision.
Maybe some of you remember the Austrian song in Eurovision. Well, in this illarious animation you can find Aznar, our president, singing with his wife Ana Botella and Loyola de Palacio. The animation is so cool!!
Alfnar Ppopier in Eurovision.

June 04, 2003

Day/night view of Europe.
Today, one of my friends sent me this curious satellite photo of Europe. You can view how the shadow grows and lights began to appear in different places. Notice that there are some places in the Sahara with lights on. Really impressive photo.

(Click in the image to view it larger)

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June 03, 2003

Let me know where do you live.
I ran across this nice free add-on to my site after visiting Josh's blog. It“s a guest map where you can add your own icon and leave a message in the location where you live. It's provided by Bravenet and lot of free solutions are provided for webmasters.

You can sign in the guest map (left side of my site) and let me know where you are.

Handling sessions in Flash.
If you have read my previous post you will know what I'm talking about. I wanted to make a chat with Flash and PHP will handle the communication with the database. The problem I faced with was knowing when a user leaves the chat and so it will be erased from the "online users" list and from the database, like in a forum. I asked Jonas about it and explained me that in forums PHP handles the sessions.

Well, I began to dig through the PHP files used in the phpBB forums and found a file called "sessions.php". There I learn how PHP knows when a user is on-line or not. There was the solution. PHP only stores the time when the user logged and then checks when that script is called if that time plus the "session_timeout" time has come. If the user reach that time is droped from the online users table and the online users list is refresh.

Then an idea struck me. All this session handling can be achive in Flash!! We can store the time the user logged in with the getTime method of the Date object. Then when the user post a message or after some seconds we can retrieve that data and compare it so we can decide if the user has being timed out.

I will develop a script for handling sessions and post it as soon as I have it finish. Forgive my English if I made some grammar mistakes but I hope you understand the main point. I'm still learning the language.

PHP-MySQL help needed.
I'm learning now some PHP to store data in a database (MySQL) and now I want to develop a pseudo-chat. What I want to do is to display which users are on-line and a chat window. What I don't know how to do is that if a user leaves the chat closing the window how can I erase that user from the people who is on-line, or drop him from the table that stores the current users?

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June 02, 2003

One year blogging.
I remember June 2nd, 2002. It was a sunny Sunday and Spain played in the morning vs Slovenia. It was the first match of Spain in the Japan World Cup and the won. That was my first post.
So many things have happen in a year that I'm impressed how quickly the time goes by. In this year I have the opportunity to meet (virtually) great people and talk to them as one of my buddies. Also, I would like to thank all the people to come to my site, you are the reason I keep on blogging.

I want to thank to those great people outhere, members of the flash community that have taught me and help me so much. Thanks Michael Gunn, Jonas Galvez, Josh Dura, Oscar Trelles, Mike Johnson, Miguel Moreno, Mike Chambers and all the Flash community. Also I would like to give a special "THANK YOU" to Aral, you are a great guy!

All this work wouldn't be possible without the support of my girlfriend María, so thanks for being there. I love you.

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A Keyless Keyboard!
Did you ever think that you could type without keys? Well, now you can. Imagine a keyboard with no space bar, no letters, no numbers… no keys at all. In fact, forget the entire idea of a keyboard, as you know it, altogether. Just reach down with both hands and grab your knees (assuming you have two knees), and close your eyes. Orbitouch have developed a Keyless Keyboard.

The OrbiTouch completely removes finger movements from the process of typing, while significantly reducing the amount of wrist motion. With Carpal Tunnel Syndrome as a leading claim for Worker's Compensation, a lot of people are not only interested in reworking the current typing strategy, but developing a whole new typing equation. [Via Extremetech]

keyless keyboard

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