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Welcome to MoiK78 blog, your daily intake of internet and technology news.

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May 31, 2004

The Senate of California approves a law against Gmail.

The Senate of California approved a law to restrict the new service of electronic mail of Google, Gmail, under the argument of which it could put in danger the privacy of the users.

The law, that now it has to be approved by the Assembly of California, would prevent to Gmail to store a registry of all the electronic mails, as well as to obtain personal data from the letters or to facilitate it to third parts.

Google, on the other hand, indicated in an official notice that would work with the legislators to design a product that fulfills the requirements of protection of privacy.

VIa Inicio.com

More Yeti-penguin sports.

At this website you can play with more Yeti-penguin games. They are awesome, original, with a good design and very smooth movements.
Yeti Sports.
Play last Yeti adventure.

Also don't forget that Moik78 contest deadline is tomorrow so hurry up submitting your entries so you can win a Gmail mail account.

May 28, 2004

MoiK78 contest reminder.

Don't forget that submission deadline is Tuesday, June 1, 2004. You still have time to post your design to win a gmail account with 1G of storage. More info here.

Cool icons for your dock.

I you are a PC user, you can download these software to emulate the OSX dock:
Moby Dock
Aqua Dock (the best)
Object Dock

And these are some cool icons for your dock apps:
Apps set 1 Neon
Apps set 2 Neon
Apps set 3 Neon
Apps set 4 Neon
CorelDraw Neon
Adobe Neon
Macromedia Neon, Example:
Macromedia Neon

May 27, 2004

More weirds things around the www.

The first one is a really weird. Enjoy a roller coaster naked. This incredible experience took place in Thorpe Park (England) in order to enter in the Guinness book. People can do anything just for a record.

Case modding. Very original case moddding for a PC. I can't imagine how the car's owner would look like.

The last one is a Flash animation. Fucha fucha is a very basic animation but I can't see the point of it. What did the author wanted to tell us? I don't know.

May 24, 2004

Test your eyes: Online Stereogram Generator.

Online Stereogram Generator is an easy way to create your own text-based stereograms. Do you know what's inside the image below? Post your entries in the comments.

May 23, 2004

Another view of my new town.

Another view of my new town, now from my home. Posted by Hello

May 21, 2004

Buttons for MoiK78 competition!. Win a 1G Gmail account provided by MoiK78.

Yes, you read correctly. As I have one invitation left in my gmail account to spare with one of you I thought of opening a contest.
Submission Deadline is Tuesday, June 1, 2004.
How you can win? Well, I need some buttons for my blog (doesn't have to look like buttons) for the titles of the sections (News, Webloggers, Options, etc... look at the sidebars). All the Submissions can be placed in the comments of this post. To enter, post links to a jpg or gif file showing your work.
- You can enter multiple times.
- Max size of the buttons: 130 x 35 pixels.
- If you are going to use a blue color, this is the blue for MoiK78: #4574E2.
- The winner should provide the .psd or whatever source file you have used so I can make more buttons.

- The winner will get the Gmail account (which is worth 60$ in Ebay, check it yourself).
- His/her photo will be published in the Powered by section (if you want).

Best wishes

May 20, 2004

Server downtime.

It seems that the robinhost server is down as some websites hosted there are down (like onrelease.org, bitsandpixes.co.uk). It could be that they are fixing something. I will try to contact .Aral, maybe he knows what's happening.

Testing Hello

Beach view of my new city. Posted by Hello

Photoblogging, another new feature of Blogger.

Seems that Blogger guys are working hard cause as days goes by more and more features are available and, best of all, for free.

We have Bstats, is a web traffic-tracking service designed specifically for blog publishers.

Audioblogger,to post audio to your blog from any phone.

And now Photoblogging, it uses Bloggerbot (Hello) which is a peer-to-peer networking application that enables users to share photos and text-chat about them live. It's a snazzy little app but it's even more impressive when it's engineered to work seamlessly with Blogger.
You can add me to your friends in Hello, this is my username: MoiK78.

Happy 24 birthday Josh!

Today Josh Dura is one year older. I haven't meet him yet but we have had some talks in the past. He was always willing to help me so I think wishing him a good day and to age in good health (grammar mistake?) is the less I can do for him.

Have a nice day and I wish you get several and awesome gifts ;)

May 17, 2004

Weird links for a boring monday.

The first one is something you probably are familiar with. If you where a Nigerian spammer, how would you look like?
Which Nigerian spammer are You?

The other one is a website about insects. Really cute interface and what can i say about the photos, they are incredible!
Visit MyTinyGarden

The last one is the best pc case modding I've ever seen. Here it's a preview of the pc:
Read the whole article

May 13, 2004

The dullest blog in the world.

Yes, it's true, it's The dullest blog in the world. Here there is a sneak of some article titles:
- Thinking about putting on some music.
- Taking a plate to the kitchen.
- Picking up my pen.

If you ever wonder that such things can't be possible, wake up, we live in a dull world full of dull people misgoverned by dull people.

May 12, 2004

Geek stuff for a geek life.

As I know some of you are really geek people, then you can't live without this stuff:

Complete Ghostbuster suit with accurate, sounds & lights

Star Trek apartment style.
The Star Trek apartment is the first and only one in the world.

Watching Star Trek, buying the merchandise, going to the conventions and talking Trek is what millions of Star Trek fans do all around the world. Whilst all of that is exciting, what is a more extreme option is to live the experience 24/7.

LCARS, Ops units, voice activated lighting, back-lit panelling, various lighting effects, Transporter Pads and a full scale Transporter Control Console with built in sound effects are just some of the many features included in the sale of this unique property.

Curious things across internet

First of all, some curious photos from the news. View the slideshow.

Play Gyroball, the game where you have to navigate your gyroball to the glowing goal of each level without falling off the platforms. Some levels are quite difficult. Beware, very addictive!

May 11, 2004

Awesome flash game

The first game is a great and addictive ball game called Flexball. It's difficult to hit the ball in the first match but when you get you to it it's very addictive.

Play here

May 10, 2004

New blogger features.

Blogger has been relaunched with a new design and more features. Here they are some of them:
- Your Dashboard: it's a kind of command center featuring all the blogs you have editorial access to, some blogs of note, a link to your Profile page, and recently updated blogs.
- New Look: new designs are 100% geek-ified, they are all CSS based, standards compliant, and usability tested.
- 26 New Templates:
- COMMENTS! (Finally): Blogger comments also feature various levels of privacy and permission.
- Blogger Profiles: Blogger's new Profile feature allows users the option to maintain a page about themselves to help match a face with the personality that inevitably comes through in those posts.
- Post Pages: every one of your posts can live on it's very own page with its ultimate permalink. And if you've got comments enabled, then any comments associated with that post will also be on the page.
- Conditional Tags for Customizing Your Pages.
- Email Blogging With Mail-to-Blogger.
- Improved Help system.

Check it out.

May 07, 2004

Some flash sites of the new millenium.

I really like this interface. Made as an accordion panel but with a bouncing effect and with a good colour scheme. Also the illustrations are great. TomKong website

Another interesting navigation system, although the usability of the site isn't very high. I'm still trying to figure up what's the point of those images passing by up and down. +bo website

Via Pixelsurgeon

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