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Welcome to MoiK78 blog, your daily intake of internet and technology news.

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November 28, 2003

Martial Arts video gallery.

Explore this video gallery for a glimpse of the traditional martial arts fighting styles and weapons - as well as in-the-body animation - that will be part of Xtreme Martial Arts, which premieres on Discovery Channel on Sunday, Nov. 30, at 9 p.m.

Video Gallery.

MyIE2 0.9.10, the final browser.

This version fixes lots of bugs. Visit the website and donwload the new version.

November 27, 2003

Awesome game: GLTron: lightcycles.

Many of you will remember that incredible film back in the 80's called Tron. It was a revelation for many people as it introduced the computer world in films (or was it Wargames?)

The scene I (and many more like me) like most is the lightcycles race. I have try lots of games that tried to emulate that race but none satisfy me until today. I came across The GLtron Homepage. The game is free and released under the GNU General Public License. If you are a Tron fan, you MUST play this game. It's AWESOME.

4-players: human or computer
Incredible graphics and sound.
Real fast and accurate turns.
First person Camera...

They are still developing new versions with Network support, turbo, etc.
Download it.

November 24, 2003

My Flash Blog Archive Search.

If you are a regular visitor of my blog probably you have used my Flash Archive Search from the button in the upper-right corner. Now I'm developing v2.0 which will include some improvements like using SO to download the XML files, reducing the preload time and more that I will add as it takes shape.

If you are interested in the first version you can download the fla source.
Let me know any bug or improvement you will find useful in the next version.

I'm a Hero!

Today I get an email from aSH that I have been included in the Hall of Justhese. It's a great honour to be a part of that list. Thanks aSH for taking the time to include my blog.

November 18, 2003

How to start an online bussiness.

Ever wanted to start an online bussiness or you have opened one and need some tips to increase the income from it? Then The Online Advantage is your site. This site will give you some tips to become a successful online business entrepreneur.

You can learn how to increase traffic to your Website, to accept Payments for your Products Online, to build a Virtual Storefront using shopping cart services and many more.

Remember: The only thing keeping you from a million dollar Internet business is information.

November 17, 2003

Macromedia Flex: The presentation-tier solution for delivering enterprise Rich Internet Applications.

Macromedia Flex (previously code-named Royale) extends the Macromedia MX platform by delivering a standards-based programming methodology for building the presentation tier of Rich Internet Applications.

Flex is a presentation server installed on top of a J2EE application server or servlet container, a rich library of user interface components, an XML-based markup language used to declaratively lay out these components, and an object-oriented programming language which handles user interactions with the application. The result is a Rich Internet Application rendered using Flash Player and developed using industry standards and a development paradigm familiar to developers. Flex runs on top of a J2EE Application Server such as Macromedia JRun, IBM Websphere, BEA WebLogic, or Apache Tomcat. In the future, Flex will also run on top of Microsoft .NET server.

November 13, 2003

More file size on SWF after the update?

I have noticed that the file size of some swf (mostly the ones using components) have increased its size by 20 kb. I had a swf with one Accordion component and it was 35 kb size. After the update, I opened it, republished and WOW! the new file size is 55 kb! without touching anything in the movie.

Anyone has noticed this after the update?

November 11, 2003

Best Spam stopper ever.

See the pics and you will understand:

FMX 2004 updater. Why an update?

Download and install the Flash MX 2004 updater to improve stability, performance and minor bugs. This update is the first minor update in a Flash release, why? were they in a hurry to hit the market with the new tools? Don't know.

I'm not a bussiness man but I think that the MX 2004 family is not so popular as the MX family when it came out becuase of all the fuss surrounding FMX04. Dreamweaver is a great program and have taken a step forward displaying correctly CSS. But with Flash, people was expecting more a "Flash" tool and not a "Visual Basic" tool (I think). I'm one of those that think that Flash is becoming more a developer tool than a designer tool (that was its origin). I just think that trying to reinvent the wheel is not always worth the effort. Creating a Java-like language is a waste of time if you have Java developers. Flash should stay is his own field and not to try to bite off more that you can chew.

November 06, 2003

Spamnet: Spam protection for Outlook and Outlook Express.

They had a version for Outlook but now they have developed the Outlook Express version. It's still in beta but it really works! Today I had about 15 spam messages and it detected 13. The two that there weren't detected, I blocked them and send it to SpamNet so other users benefit from that. All the community shares the blocked messages so you will get fewer spam next time. Well, not really, you will get the same spam but it will be marked as Spam and in a separate folder just to delete them.

You can try for free here.

November 04, 2003

Remote controlling objects through your browser and some Games.

Today I was reading Marcos Weskamp's post about phidgets and I wanted to learn more about it. I found these interesting examples where you can take control of a vehicule and move it real-time through your browser via ActiveX.

Also I found a really enjoyable game if you are bored at the office or in some meeting. All you have to do is to put the paper ball in the basket. Easy? Not so easy if you have a ventilator in the office.

Ever wanted to play as Morfeo in the fighting room? Now you have the chance. Play here to a Matrix game. The graphics are not the best but it's quite fun and the movement of the characters is quite real, even Neo bends his back when you try to shoot him!

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