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Welcome to MoiK78 blog, your daily intake of internet and technology news.

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About this site

Where are you posting from?

Well, now I am located in Aguadulce (Almería), Spain. It's in the SE coast of Spain. It is a very quiet village with lots of young people. If you ever come to Almería (you ought to) you will love its night life. This is one of the main reasons people visit the Sapin coast. Give me a call if you are around. Mobile phone: +34 630 13 74 80.

Is this a weblog?

Of course this is a weblog. And it's also the place where I archive every link I find interesting. I hate having so many bookmarks!

What kind of content do you post?

Here you can find almost everything I find useful and interesting. You can read about software releases, new hardware, anything new in the Design world (especially dedicated to Macromedia Flash), games (I love them) and geek websites for amusing of the audience (not everything in life is work, isn't it?). I try updated the site daily but if you come and find that I haven't post for three days is due to two factors: I am on vacation or I am very busy at work. In case I die I will post from heaven if there is Internet connection (Note to me: what a good name for a blog "Blog from Heaven").

Who can post a comment?

Everybody can post and I encourage to do so. That way we all can learn from what you think. Also I expect constructive criticism so anybody who is reading the comments can benefit from it.

When did you arrive to the blog world?

I launched MoiK78 v1 on Saturday, June 2. 2002 with this post about the first match of Spain in the Football World Cup.

May I contact you regarding a web design project?

Absolutely. Send me an email to introduce yourself, giving the details.

About the author

Who are you?

I'm the offspring of the love between two persons (Mam and Dad). I was a really beatiful baby and kid but you know that when we grow up, the body starts to deteriorate. Now I'm 26 with almost a full life in front my eyes and a future promising a lot of cool things.

Your life ...

I became a fatherless child at the age of eleven and that event changed my life. My father was a graphic designer and painter in his spare time. He owned a little Design studio called "Estudio 2001". There was when I began to have contact with the art world. They had two Mac II (very expensive in 1988). It was a revelation to me.


I always liked to take apart every electrical device (that means opening and breaking it most of the times). When my father died, one of those Macs was given to me so at home I began to practice with QuarkXpress, FreeHand and Photoshop.


When it was time to choose university studies, I found a private College where I could study for the High National Diploma in Computing design & Multimedia. After being in two engineerings I thought I would like (Civil engineering, 4 months and Telecommunication engineering, 1 year) I entered the art universe.

Your family ...

After living 21 years with my parents, I became independent and went to live with my girlfriend and her child. After being 3 years in a small apartment (50 m2) we have moved to a bigger house with swimming pool and paddle court. It's located in one of the north suburbs in Madrid. Update: Now we live in a semi-detached house in the Almeria coast.

What do you do in your free time?

I read a lot and whenever I can and two of my favourites books are The pillars of the earth by Ken Follett and The lord of the rings by JRR Tolkien. Also like to ski (if I have the money) and to surf the web.


I like a lot to play computer games (everybody does, I think) and watching good movies, in special films of Marx brothers.


What hardware do you use?

I began in the Apple world with a Mac II until I went to University. Then I bought my first PC until now that I have an Athlon 2400+ XP 512 RAM. Also I have a brand new Philips 19" monitor. I would like to be a Mac guy but my budget is pretty tight.

What software do you use?

I think I use too many software and it's really very difficult to stay up-to-date with every version that comes up. In University I learnt how to use CorelDraw, Freehand, Autocad, Pagemaker, QuarkXpress, 3DStudio, QBasic, Visual Basic, Director, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Flash.


Also I use a lot of freeware, here you have some of them: W.bloggar for desktop blogging, Sygate Personal Firewall free por personal use, AVG Antivirus, WinAmp for Mp3 listening, Trillian for IM and more...

What games do you play?

Actually, I'm a Diablo addict. If you have never played this awesome RPG, you must go to your favourite game store and try it. I recommend you began playing Diablo and then moving into Diablo II so you get the game atmosphere and story timeline.

I also like Worms (all versions), Starwars Battlegrounds and the Age of Empires saga.


What books do you recommend reading?

If you want to have a good time and you really enjoy reading I suggest you to read any Robin Cook book, they are all great. Also Dean Kontz's and Ken Follet's books are very interesting.


If you are looking for Flash books, I recommend and Flash MX 2004 Magic and Object Oriented Programming with ActionScript.

Intel or AMD?

I prefer AMD, it's cheaper and the performance is similar, if not better than Intel.