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Welcome to MoiK78 blog, your daily intake of internet and technology news.

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April 28, 2003

Where is the Macromedia people?
We all know Mike Chambers, John Dowell, Kevin Lynch, Michael Williams, etc. They are some "heads" of Macromedia but where are the other people who works there everyday, the employees. Do they have a blog too? Do they read these blogs? Who are they? We know lot of people work in Macromedia behind the stage, we want to know more about who is behind those products which make our work more pleasant.

April 23, 2003

Some "Together" news.
After being a week out on holidays I have noticed that lot of things happened while I din't check the net.
First of all is that the Together proyect is underway and a development team has been build (great guys and gals there).
Macromedia has released the DRK 3 and more news have arrived with the inclusion of Firefly components into the Flash MX Data Connection Kit.

April 15, 2003

Going to Almeria (Spain SE coast) for Easter.
Well, another holidays arrive and I'm heading to Almeria. Hope the weather stays calm enough to get the first sunbath of the year and maybe having a swim in the sea. Until 21th I'll be unconnected to the world so I'll relax and recharge batteries for May.

April 12, 2003

Andre Michelle, tips for game development.
I notice that Andre Michelle has been playing with game scripts. He has developed a great script for 2D games: Line of Sight. It is a useful script to check if two coordinates can 'see' each other, as an enemy can see the player. Check an example here.

April 10, 2003

Where's Illogicz.com?
:: Illogicz.com ::
Today I visited his site and only found a black background. Does someone know what happened?

April 09, 2003

Want to swith OS? Now is possible in only 5 seconds.
If you have a PC running Windows and want to switch to Mac OS 8, click here.
If you have a Mac and want to switch for a while to Windows, click here.
[Via NoMaster]

April 06, 2003

What resolution do you use?
Today I was checking my site's logs provided by Reinvigorate and find some people using strange resolutions.
40% of my visitors use 1024 x 768 and 22 % 1280 x 1024. The point is that 282 visitors use 1400 x 1050 (what kind of resolution is that and what monitor do you use?).
Here there are some of the most strange resolutions I have found: 2560 x 1024, 1384 x 1038, 2304 x 864, 2800 x 1050, 3840 x 1024 (are you viewing my site in a cinema?) and 3200 x 1200.
I would like to know what kind of displays provide these resolutions and maybe pics of them.

MyIE2 browser updated to v .0.7.829 beta.
MyIE2 website
In case you still don't know this wonderful browser (it runs with the IE engine) now there is a new version with some improvements and new features. Be sure to check it out, you will love it.
You can download it here with some skins and plugin. Be sure to add the skins and plugins folder where MyIE2 has been installed,

April 04, 2003

Spammers hitting blogs? I have found some solutions.
This morning I read the post in Daniel Dura's blog and I began to search info about how to avoid spam in the blogs. After my research I noticed that the most spammed blogs are run in MovableType (correct me if I'm wrong) and that the spammers use the MovableType contact info to get your e-mail too (see the proof).
Another problem is when your comments are spammed to hard and you have the "e-mail me" option in MT when someone post a comment. It can be annoying.
Also another problem is that many blogs are suffering of spam in their logs. It seems that lot of people came to your site but in your referral logs you only find links to sites full of porn or commercial sites. This has been commented in Wired News. Beware that your post don't show up in Slashdot or Metafiler. This will cost you indeed a lot of bandwith and an extra charge. Here is an example of what I'm talking about, a personal blog (GameGirl Advanced) was charged with a $1500 bandwith bill.

Well, after viewing some of the problems I have some good news to MT blogs, some solutions have been found and they are all together here. I will point out some of them:
- The comment form should be generated dynamically.
- Use dynamic field names.
- Throttling comment form requests from the same IP. Since the process above requires the form be generated by the server, we can slow down any form of spidering this way.
- Since some people don?t enable comments for every post, the server should automatically blacklist comments posted for entries that have disabled comments or where the entry doesn?t exist at all. Using a ?honey pot? approach, the server could return a normal comment form for the invalid entry but upon submitting the comment, the user?s IP would get blacklisted.
- Comments posted to multiple entries within a minute and from the same IP should also be flagged automatically. There should be a way to browse and delete suspect comments.
More info also here.

April 02, 2003

Another Internet attack?
This morning I couldn't read some of the most common blogs: Josh Dura, Pnut, Daniel Dura, Greg Burch etc. Or maybe it's a issue in the Dura Hosting. Let me know if you know what happens.

*** UPDATE ***
Seems that the above blogs now load properly, maybe it was a issue of my ISP. Also, some people notice that the comments script on my site doesn't work. They work for me with IE6. Tell me if you can comment and what error do you get. You can contact me here.

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