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Welcome to MoiK78 blog, your daily intake of internet and technology news.

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June 29, 2002

Do you love Monopoly?
My Monopoly
Here you can design your own Monopoly game. Great !

Opera 6.04 Final
Download Opera 6.04 Final
Savagenews.com reports that the guys over at Opera Software have released the next version of Opera 6.04 (Final to be exact).

DAEMON Tools 3.16!
Download Daemon Tools 3.16 here
DAEMON Tools is an application for multiprotection emulation. It is further development of Generic Safedisc emulator and incorporates all its features. This program allows running backup copies of SafeDisc, Securom or Laserlock protected games. Also included is a Virtual DVDROM drive enabling you to use your CD images as if they were already burned to CD. DAEMON Tools works with all types of CD/DVDROM drives and supports nearly any CD protection.

Here's the changelog for DAEMON Tools 3.16:
- Fixed latest Securom emulation blacklist (lockups in Nascar2002 and other games)
- Updated emulation to support latest Laserlok versions (Warrior Kings etc.)
- Workaround to address problems with PlexTools
- Added 'DVD Region' setting to device parameters

June 28, 2002

Your ultimate workstation !!
I'm thinking in buying one of those. They look great, perhaps I don't have to walk again. :)

Nice Photography.
Robert Delahanty Photography
Very nice photos and clean layout. I love when people make such good things. It's a pleasure for the eyes.

Star Trek Nemesis trailer.
It seems to me the best Star Trek Movie.

Actionscript Tips for Chat Clients.
Eat Orange
Very interesting article about Flash Chat clients. Via Swf News

VoiceXML / Flash Mx Game.
Check this
A telephone to Flash game. Very original. Via Swf News

June 27, 2002

Setpixel.com - 2nd Annual Director Demo Competition.
Check it here
For all of you who are "Directors". The objective of this competition is not only to boost artistic technology from within Director, but also to create an artistic outlet for developers. It has been amazing how all the best of the best Director Developers have come together to participate in this competition.

UH, awesome Spanish 3D.
:::Giboon animation:::
Via Valyard :) Thanks

Want to costumize your farts?
Create a Fart
Funny and strange site. See if you can create your own.

Pixel Graphic Tutorial.
Funkreich website
If you ever wanted to know how to make pixel graphics, this is a great tutorial to begin with.

Nice work with shoes !
Platypus site
Nice work with the colours but I think that the menu is hard to read.

New RSS Viewer.
RSS Viewer
Thanks to FlashGuru to point it out.

More Flash Ads than ever.
Macromedia Press Room
According to a recent DoubleClick Ad Serving Trend Report, click-through rates on rich media ads are six times higher than non-rich media ads.

June 26, 2002

5k Awards
5k Website
Be sure to check the 366 entries so far of the contest. Take time to rate some of them, they are great!

June 25, 2002

XP-AntiSpy v3.2 is out
Official Site
XP-AntiSpy is a little utility that let's you disable some built-in update and authetication 'features' in WindowsXP.
For example, there's a service running in the background wich is called 'Automatic Updates'. I don't know what this service transfers from my machine to other machines on the internet, especially the MS ones. So I play it safe and disable such functions. If you like, you can even disable these function manually, by going through the System and checking or unchecking some checkboxes. This will take you approximately half an hour. But why wasting time when a little neat utility can do the same in 1 minute? This utility was successfully tested by lots of users, and was found to disable all the known 'Suspicious' Functions in WindowsXP. It's customizeable, but comes up with the Default settings, which are recommended.

This utility is FREEWARE!

Great site by 2Advanced Studios.
Via Attico.

Strange site.

Want to know who funded Microsoft?
Microsoft in 1978
Uhhh, nice beards and glasses. Notice that all in the left wear glasses and in the right don't. Coincidence?

Another great French site.
Via Valyard
If you like music, you'd like this site.

Interesting French Company Website
Here ...
Via Valyard

June 24, 2002

Great website. Sorry, only Spanish available.
:: PolarStream ::
Nice Illustrations and Animations. Also the Games section it's really cool. Worth to check even if you don't understand Spanish.

Easy PHP/MySQL/Flash
PHPFlash v1.0
If you ever try to communicate Flash with PHP and MySQL here it's the solution. It's worth a download.

Josh Lim Portfolio
Nice layout and good solutions with DHTML. Not only the man lives of Flash

Daredevil trailer
Apple website
Be sure to check the trailer cause it's brilliant. Seems superheroes take over the cinemas...

New Macromedia buttons for MX products.
Macromedia Web Buttons
Thanks to Matt Brown

Spyware in Windows XP Service Pack 1?
Via Neowin.net
Windows XP sp1ers have found a registry key setup by the program "alexa", a subsiduary of amazon (see link below). On the top link, we can see that alexa has been found to send detailed information about users to its servers, which im sure not only breaks microsofts privacy statement, but also breaks laws. My source says that the popular anti-spyware program Adaware detects elements of the installation as adware,

June 22, 2002

Today I'm a bit depressed.
Korea stole the match again and Spain heads home. Now I understand how Italians felt. :(
):-p to Koreans and the referees.. It's not fair.

June 21, 2002

ActionScript Obfuscator Beta.
Thanks to illogicz.com
Viewer Screwer is an Actionscript Obfuscator - a program that takes your actionscript and scrambles it into something that can only be understood by a computer, not a person. You can scramble individual files, or multiple files that must work together.

Whoa, what an Intro!!!.
The Epsilon Conflict

As they say, it's not a website it's an experience.
Starbreeze Studios AB
I like mots the idea of the helping aid ... it's incredible.

Awesome site.
What else can I say about this site? Brilliant...

Nice site of concepts and Imaginations.
Fuel Factor website
From Surfstation.

Jakob closes the deal with Macromedia...
Jakob comic
Funny guy and indeed very wary to look.

June 20, 2002

Feeling better today as you see I posted many interesting things. I would like to hear from you if you like my comments and post and in what things you are interested more. Be free to share your opinion in a mail

Human Origins
8-) here
Nice site to learn our origins.

I want this LCD !!!
View it here...
Check the photo and tell me that it's not your dreaming LCD display?

Ever wanted to set up a Windows PHP server?
Warp2Search tutorials
Very good tutorial where you can learn to install and set up a Microsoft Windows compatible PHP Server that you can use for hosting web sites or for developing PHP code.

Ad-Aware 5.83 released
View it in Warp2Search
Ad-aware is a free multi spyware removal utility that scans your memory, registry and hard drives for known spyware and scumware components and lets you remove them safely. It is updated frequently.
Be sure to grab the new version cause it features several compatibility fixes (Scrolling wheel glitch, Default language files reseted if multiple installed) and improvements (Overall scanning speed increased, additional file details in logfiles and more).

June 19, 2002

Great company site
DesignUnion | Everyday
Like the colour scheme and the relaxing backgrounds. Really beatiful to see...

Lots of wicked fonts
Another great font resource and FREE !!

Not feeling well today ...
Today no interesting post, I feel a bit fed up... sorry perhaps tomorrow I find strengh to.. :)

June 18, 2002

Need free original fonts for your cutting-edge design?
Font Freak website
Lots of fonts here to download both for PC and Mac. Most of them are worth to have for future projects :)

Flash Scripting Security Issue
See it in Flashmagazine.com
Thanks to the guys at Flashmagazine to point this out.
The problem comes from the SWF contents ability to execute JavaScript commands, and affect every web site which allows users to include/upload SWF content on their own.
A typical abuse of this security fault would be for a malicious user to include a seemingly innocent SWF signature that at the same time would be able to transfer data such as cookies from every single user viewing the page with the included SWF.
Macromedia has announced that there will be a new Flash 6 player made available in July that will address the security issue with a new EMBED/PARAM parameter, the parameter will allow web sites to turn off any outbound scripting (ActionScript getURL() actions that specify a scripting statement) when displaying SWF content.

ProposalKit's Template Kit Contest
More info here ...
To enter, visit Template Kit.com and sign up for their Bi-Monthly Email Newsletter. Select "Template Kit Contest" and that's it! There is no purchase necessary, unsubscribes are easy, and your information will never be shared or sold. Period. Current subscribers are also eligible for contest entry. Limit one entry per household. Winners will be picked at random July 31st, 2002 and notified by email.

Website of the Week
Superhere website
Seem that Spanish designers are popping everywhere. Nice. Well, another great site of a Spanish designer. I love the colour scheme and the transitions between windows. Also great games, worth a bookmark. :)

Otro buen portfolio de un diseñador hispano. Buena mezcla de colores y las transiciones de las ventanas son geniales. Los juegos son bastante entretenidos y tiene buenos tutoriales. Se merece pertenecer a los Favoritos.

June 17, 2002

Ad Aware v.5.83 Update
Warp2Search new
AdAware is a free multi spyware removal utility that scans your memory, registry and hard drives for known spyware and scumware components and lets you remove them safely. It is updated frequently.
Just got word that the leaked Ad Aware v.5.83 will be out official this Tuesday and the detection system may change so download @ your own risk! but in the mean time Ad-aware referencefile 029-15-06-2002 has been updated! so if you downloaded Adware last night then please update to Ad-aware referencefile (Update 2) 029-15-06-2002

Very amazing Flash Game
The Lexus Minority Report Experience
Thanks to Valyard for this link, quite impressive and the 3D is so cool...

An interview from Pixelsurgeon to "our" friend Jakob Nielsen
PixelSurgeon interview
Here we have another polemical point of view of the "master of usability".

June 16, 2002

Spain to Quarter Finals !!!
After an exciting match Spain beat Eire in the penalties. Iker Casillas, the spanish goolkeeper, stopped 4 penalties in the whole match !!!

Good work Spain. :-)

June 14, 2002

You like Flash games?
Be sure to check Orisinal : Morning Sunshine
Very original games here and very very funny. It makes my mouth watered. :)

Press release
After some months of beta-testing the official release of Warcraft III is July 3, 2002. Prepare your mouse and hard drive for a longtime gameplay. This is going to be the greatest announcement since Diablo II. I always liked Blizzard games and this one promises to be the best. As I have seen it take some things from the RPG world to the Strategic world. More information here.

June 13, 2002

Andy Fouls Website
Click here ...
OW, Awesome portfolio. This is v.2, far better than v.1. I like most the transitions and the clean layout. If you remember Relevare, this is one of the guys who design the site with the help of Guy Watson and Jamie McDonald.

Website of the Day
Nice illustrations and awesome interactivity. It remind me of those strategic games like Civilization or SimCity where you have to put houses and things in a clean layout. Be sure to answer right the test and you will collect new objects to place them in the map.

Like photos?
Take a look
Nice artistics photos by Tom Muller.

June 12, 2002

All that answers you have been looking for ...
Grudge Match
Ah being stuck in the arse end of nowhere will do this to you, but now
I've found the answer to all those puzzling questions.

Want to be a Lego char?
ReasonablyClever page
Here you can transform yourself in an Lego character. Really fun to play with and also check the map section and throw your post there !

Unpatched IE vulnerabilities
View them here
This page was made public to put pressure on Microsoft, in the hope that they may patch the listed security holes. Vulnerabilities listed on this page work (among others) with the latest versions of Internet Explorer, with all patches installed. Until proper patches have been provided, the only fix is to disable scripting.
But not only IExplorer has vulnerabilities, also Netscape 6, Mozilla and Opera. Check it out.

Updated Nvidia Drivers
Nvidia support
If you have a graphic card with a Nvidia GPU, be sure to update the Detonator drivers to version 29.42.

Spain 3 - South Africa
Spain plays on Sunday vs Eire. Good luck Boys

Argentina is out too!! ¡Argentina hace las maletas!
Another great team is out of the WCup. It seems that this Cup is going to be a big surprise ... Time goes by and some things change. Perhaps this year Spain can win th Cup :)

Wildform releases Flix Pro and Flix Lite
Wildform website
Wildform has released the Flix Pro and Flix Lite Flash video encoders for Windows and Mac. Flix provides an amazingly easy way to add the power of video to your websites, CD-roms and presentations.
"Flix is the number one tool for encoding video into Flash."
-- Jon Leland, Videography Magazine --

Flix outputs the newer high quality MX video, FLV video to import MX video into Flash, and the older Flash 3-6 video that plays everywhere. You can encode your video, audio and images and post it on the web in just three clicks. Flix video works without a streaming server, plays on all platforms and browsers and streams through firewalls. It is the hassle free video solution.

Flix Lite is $49. Flix Pro is $149. Both come with a money back guarantee. (From Were-Here)

Do you own a car?
Do you have drive-licence?
A good animation in Flash about what things you have to do and not to when you drive. A good way to wake up with a smile. :)

Spanish portfolio by Raúl Parra
Another great portfolio of a spanish designer. It's good to see that here in Spain there is also people willing to break apart from the crowd. Clean layout and nice photos but for the shower one, ;-)

Otra web personal con un nivel bastante bueno en cuanto a diseño y navegavilidad. Es bueno ver que hay diseñadores que se alzan de entre la multitud para proponer nuevos diseños. Tiene fotos originales, exceptuando la de la ducha (tapate macho).

June 11, 2002

Were-Here Wallpaper Design Contest
We're Here Thread
As seen in the June edition of the Were-Here newsletter, we are having a relaxed kick back Wallpaper thread for Were-Here. Break out your photoshop or other favorite graphics programs. Design up some neato and crazy wallpapers with WH as the medium to base it on.
Be creative, have fun, and come and see what other people that you talk to everyday can do. Maybe make some new friends and have a good time building something solid in the process.

It seems that it's time to take the dust off the photoshop and start something cool.

Lastest World Cup Champion is out !!
It seems that France isn't in good shape and today lost the possibilities to pass the first round. Well, at least we have one match left to see the most valuable player of the moment: Zidane. But it's not a god and can't take an injuried team in his back.

Tomorrow Spain fights for the first position in its group. Go Spain, go !!

I love this game !
Football game
Be sure to check this game if you like football and don't have time to practice your freekicks. You will find you playing it for at leats an hour :)

Website of the Day
Nice and clean layout. Be sure to include your "graffiti" in the menu. Also nice work with the sound.

June 10, 2002

My jaws drops when they make this amazing animations...
Great animation
No comments available. I've dropped down my chair.

Spanish Community site
Designerslife* Issue 2 Looking for simplicity
Te puedes autopromocinar en la web así como navegar por la inmensidad de contenidos que aquí se reunen. Tenemos noticias de todos los ámbitos del diseño (3D, Flash, tipografía, fotografía, etc)

New design portal
Lounge 72
We have here a portal made by designer for designers. You can contribut to the community with your knowledge and your thoughts or you can find the inspiration you were looking for. It's worth a bookmark.

Por fin ha visto la luz un nuevo portal creado por diseñadores para los diseñadores. En él podrás contribuir al crecimiento de la comunidad aportando conocimientos o ideas, así como encontrar esa inspiración que estabas buscando.

24 summers in my life
After 24 summers I decided to do something useful in my life. I've been a bit lazy since 2 years but now I'm going to share something with the community. Today is my birthday so it's a good day to start...

June 08, 2002

2002 FIFA World Cup Game Tracker
View it here...
A wonderful way of keeping a good track of The World Cup. A lot of information, all in Flash. If you like Flash and you also like football you don't want to miss it.

June 07, 2002

España 3 - Paraguay 1 !!!!!!!!!!!!! GOL GOL
HIERRO, Te queremos....

Web of the Day
Nice personal site of a Mexican designer. Check the Logo section, they are great.

Mozilla 1.0 is released. The alternative to IExplorer
Mozilla 1.0
Finally, the first version of Mozilla is out and we can check if it's worth to change from IExplorer or Netscape to this browser. They have recoded the Nestcape browser and they have improved the velocity and stabily of the program. There is also some new features like a no pop-up windows engine, password encrypter, advanced managing of cookies and more.

Sus creadores afirman que es rápido, estable y está libre de los links publicitarios que se encuentran en los navegadores de Explorer y Netscape. A primera vista, el programa dispone de interesantes funciones: la posibilidad de configurar para que no se abran popups, encriptación de passwords que sites que requieran contraseña, gestión avanzada de cookies.El hecho de que el código en el que se basa sea de Netscape le da tanto parecido con este navegador, pero por dentro sí son bastante diferentes que ha revertido en la velocidad y la estabilidad del programa.

A site for Women Designers
Here you can find some of the best women designers at the moment. They range from designers to coders, experimental video artists to commercial artists. Be sure to have a look, they are also very pretty ;)

June 06, 2002

SlowView v0.9.9.5 released !
SlowView Homepage
Si te gustaba el ACDSee, este programa te encantará porque además de tener las funcionalidades de este, incorpora un reproductor de videos y sonido. Además, cuante con un editor básico de imágenes muy útil cuando quieres hacer pequeños arreglos. Todo esto por el módico precio de 0 ? y traducido a multitud de idiomas.

SlowView is a free multimedia viewer. Working on all Windows platforms, it supports more than 50 image, video, and audio formats! Among the most known are: JPEG, GIF, MNG, PSD, TIFF, TGA, MP3, AVI, MOV, and many others! You`ll be able to browse images in thumbnail mode, or one by one. You'll find such features, as creation of custom image effects, batch processing, or catalog creation. It supports Drag-n-Drop, wheel mouse, and other technologies. Further it has support for many different languages like German, French, Spanish, Chinese, etc. And its price (FREE!) will definitely make it your favourite program for multimedia management!

Flashforward2002 Finalists
Flashforward2002NYC Votepage
Here you can vote for one of the 60 finalist of the current Flash Film Festival held in NY. There are 15 categories and very impressive works round there. It's a good opportunity to view the top-edge people in Flash and Design.

Aquí puedes votar por uno de los finalistas del actual Flash Film Festival que se celebra en la ciudad de Nueva York. Es una oportunidad para ver el trabajo de los diseñadores más destacados en lo que a diseño web se refiere. Espero que algún día tenga dinero suficiente para acercarme a alguno de estos festivales. :)

Good Flash site resource
A good site if your are looking for tutorials and resorces. Once your account is created and you've logged in, you can upload Resources via the web. From source files to tutorials, Message Board postings, Add news articles, events, contests, recommended book titles and more.

Flash = Big Brother hysteria arrives
From Actionscript.com.

Klas Kroon returns !!!
You will remember him from that tutorials about tilebased games in Flash. After quiting his job, he began to work as a carpenter and now just script a little on his sparetime. So the tutorials are back. Make sure to check them out.

Le recordareis de unos tutoriales sobre como crear juegos en Flash mediante "baldosas" al estilo de SuperMario o Zelda. Bien, pues despues de dejar el trabajo que tenía y hacerse carpintero, ha vuelto a dejar disponibles dichos tutoriales e incluir diferentes experimentos.

A new Flash related community

June 05, 2002

Another Screensaver tool with support for Flash MX
Flash Saver Maker 1.62
Another screensaver tool has arrived for FlashMX. Flash Saver Maker 1.62 is a simple point and click screensaver tool from ZBSoft.
Flash Saver Maker has support for midi, MP3 and Wav files in addition to Flash files with versions 4, 5 and 6. Royalty-Free distribution and FREE upgrades to registered users are also practical features.

Good designed site - Un buen diseño a la española
An spanish site, it's so amazing that I have no words. Check it out.

June 04, 2002

QuickTime 6 Public Beta Available
Read more ...
Apple has announced that a public beta of QuickTime 6 is now available. MPEG-4 support is there, as well as support for other technologies, such as JPEG2000, and Flash 5. The beta expires in October. Download it here.

Flash Player available for Nokia 9200
Press Release
A new integration between mobile devices and Flash.

Anti-pirate Device found in PhotoShop 6.1 and 7.0
Adobe track down pirates
It was announced yesterday by Adobe, Inc. that the upgrade to Photoshop 6.1 and Photoshop 7 added a special devices that 'phones home' the registration number and collected computer data to create a unique # (similar to what is found in Windows XP).
Obviously, this was a move to collect a list of its pirated software. Adobe has been compiling the list since the release of their free 6.1 upgrade last July. CNNreports that the list has been sent to the FBI.

Adobe anunció ayer que las versiones 6.1 y 7 contienen una archivo que envia a Adobe el número de licencia así como la información de la IP desde donde se manda para crear números únicos de utilizacíón del software. Todos aquellos numeros duplicados se incluyen en una lista de piratas de software que luego se envia al FBI. Cuidado piratillas. Menos mal que la versión 5.0 está a salvo de esto.

Version 2 of Capoeria Game
Capoeira Flash Game
Now it's in beta and only two characters are available but more characters will be swapped in as they are completed. It's incredible that this kind of things can be done with Flash!

New Virus Alert
Freedeskop Virus
La compañía de seguridad Panda acaba de informar de la aparición de un nuevo virus informático. su nombre es Freedesktop y "engaña" al usuario haciéndole creer que se trata de una dirección web donde encontrar fondos de escritorio.
Asunto del mensaje: Re: Do your Windows looks like Windows XP? I have found very nice desktop themes!
Body: Hello!
Do you like modern design of new Windows XP?! I have found FREE and easy to use desktop themes!
You can open attach with web site and samples! Enjoy it!!!

Fichero adjunto: www.freedesktopthemes.com con extensión .exe, .bat, .cmd

Panda Software has reported a new virus which triks the user with an URl where he can download free wallpapers.

June 03, 2002

Actualidad del diseño en España
Experiential Design
Unos artículos muy enriquecedores en los que, a través de una entrevista, se nos analiza la actualidad del diseño en España así como el debate de Arquitectura de Contenidos-Diseño, el propósito del Diseño Experimental y un artículo que tiene mucha miga que trata sobre la relación con el cliente. Espero que paseis un buen rato leyéndolo y reflexioneis sobre ello.

Microsoft Nearing Completion of Death Star
Microsoft Nearing Completion of Death Star
By Avi Muchnick
Redmond, WA -- Microsoft announced that it will complete construction of its newest Death Star by mid October, in a press conference given Wednesday.

With all of humanity likely to crumple beneath the iron grip of Microsoft come October, widespread panic has ensued. More than 30 rebellion uprisings have taken place only to meet with failure at the hands of Microsoft's superior fleet.

"This is necessary for Earth's survival," said Bill Gates, chair and founder of Microsoft, speaking from his luxury box above the slave arena.

The death star, the most powerful weapon in the universe, will give Microsoft unbridled power in the realm of world domination.

Gates said he plans on using the death star to destroy the moon, and cease all tidal activity on Earth in an awesome display of the power Microsoft Windows XP SP1.

"Darkness will reign eternal," said Gates. "Society will once again know the power of the left hand of Microsoft and will tremble at the right."

Society is not pleased.

"This is the second time Microsoft has been up to no good," said Deena Williams, 17 of Massapequa, NY. "Do they think we've forgotten about their 'giant ray gun of peace and justice?'

Chicago resident James Fargo, 62, says that he suspects that the death star may not be all that Gates promises.

"I suspected something was wrong with those new rules about giving up your first born son," said Fargo.

"Something tells me that a giant weapon larger than Earth hovering above San Francisco can't be as good as they say it will be."

Microsoft insists it is. The death star will provide for the quick and economical usurpation of all world power, according to Steve Ballmer, CEO.
"I don't see how that could be even remotely bad for us," said Balmer.
Microsoft shares were up on the news.

I think we have another "Microsoft Menace" around us. May the force be with you.

Esperemos que esto solo sea una nueva broma de Microsoft refiriendose al servipack que van a sacar para Windows XP. Que la fuerza os acompañe !!!

Incredible!! Download manager and FTP client in one and Free (no Ad-ware)
LeechGet 2001 1.0 RC1
"LeechGet was designed as a fast, comfortable and also powerful download manager, providing all capabilities you need to download files from the Internet quicker and simpler than ever. Unlike other Download Managers, LeechGet is and will always be Freeware (not Ad-Ware), it can be used free of charge without displaying ads.".
What can we look for? It's a great program, still in v 1.0. but with lot of great functions. Be sure to check it.

Un gestor de descargas bastante completo con Cliente FTp que permite conectarnos por FTP a sitios donde las descargas fallan via HTTP. Es bastante bueno, tiene in interface bastante agradable y se está preparando la versión para el castellano. ¿Qué más se puede pedir?

Today World Cup News
Brazil 2 - Turkey 1. Today Brazil opened its participation with a late penalty by Rivaldo.
Croatia 0 - Mexico 1. Croatia lost it's first match against Mexico and the first red card in the world cup for Boris Zivkovic.
Italy 2 - Ecuador 0. Italy is winning as expected with two goals of Vieri.

Flash Usability
The Future of Flash
Usability Testing
Develop with users
Be sure to check these links. You will find them very useful if you are building a site or you had to.

Links sacados de la web de Macromedia donde podremos aprender cuales son los factores importantes para que nuestra web tenga una buena usabilidad, navegación y los usuarios consigan lo que nosotros queremos mostrarles. De lectura obligada para cualquier diseñador que se precie.

Life behind the numbers? - ¿Hay vida detras de los Números?
The Secret behind the numbers
The authors conducted an exhaustive empirical study, with the aid of custom software, public search engines and powerful statistical techniques, in order to determine the relative popularity of every integer between 0 and one million. The resulting information exhibits an extraordinary variety of patterns which reflect and refract our culture, our minds, and our bodies. A must to visit website.

Alguna vez te has preguntado porqué unos números aparecen con más regularidad que otros y donde aparecen?. Pues en esta web, a través de un programa en Java, nos muestran la historia de los números, cuales se han utilizado más y para qué. El número uno es para el 2000, lógico no?

Deeesign Aid
Brilliant .... Bloody Brilliant!
This site is the first virtual Design Aid. Be sure ro check it out. Everything is free and it's a great opportunities to show your work.

En esta página podremos encontrar consejos y tutoriales para diseñadores. todo gratis y además es una buena forma de promocionarse. :)

June 02, 2002

The Smallest Website!!
Here you can go to see the smallest website... It's only 0,003 kbytes and it has scripts, frames and 2 colours.
Smallest Website
Anyone want to build a smaller one?

Aqui puedes encontrar la página web más pequeña del mundo. Su tamaño es ni más ni menos que de 0,003 kbytes en la que se encuentran 2 scripts, frames y 2 colores.
Smallest Website
¿Alguien se atreve a hacerla más pequeña?

Finally Spain won his first match in the world cup !! Spain 3-Slovenia 1
Today Spain finished his bad luck when begining World cups. Spain haven't won his first match in the WCup since Brazil 1952.
OW, thumbs up for Spain.

Today this blog see the light. The purpouse of this site is to mantain an up-to-date information about anything related to Internet or real life. I'm going to put a big eye in anything related to Flash and Macromedia products which make the designer work more comfortable.

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