Welcome to MoiK78 blog. Your daily intake of Internet news. This is a personal site so I post whenever I can :) but I'll try to get it daily. Be free to email me any suggestion. El bolg de Moisés García sobre tecnologías de internet y programas de diseño.
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Welcome to MoiK78 blog, your daily intake of internet and technology news.

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August 30, 2002

An artist website.
W. Tucker
I like the drawings and also the transitions between them.

Great Paint designer for your house!
BobVila.com - Design
With the Paint Designer you can customize primary house, trim and casing colors, doors and accent colors to find a perfect palette for your home.

August 29, 2002

Win a copy of Plasma!
Read here more...
There are two categories:
- Website user interface/navigation design
- Open category
Contest runs from 27-08 to 17-09
[Via SWFNews]

August 27, 2002

Multimedia viewer Slowview 1.0 RC released !
Slowview download
This is the new FREE release with a lot of fixed bugs:
- Many, many bugfixes!!! Can now handle all GIF files that crashed SV...
- Does now require exactly 50% less memory during loadroutine.
- Generating thumbs for MPG and some MOV formats works now on all systems + is way faster!
- Fixed those bugs with "Acquire Image" using TWAIN!
- Settings are now stored in the registry. This removes the 1-3 seconds one had to wait until SlowView really shutted down on Win2k/XP cause of writing settings to the ini file!
- Added SlideShow option to play videos/music till end! i.e: you can now let SlowView play a folder full of mp3's in the background etc.
- Reordered some toolbarbuttons and menuitems.
- Redesigned some settings sdialogs.
Eased saving specified styles for folders in browser. One can now quickly save thumbnail- or reportstyle for a directory. (+ deleting styles afterwards)
Added commands for quickly starting slideshow in full screen from browser.
Added small toolbar in browser for quickaccess of often used functions.
Added privacy options to disable "Recently Opened Files" and "Browsed Directories" lists.
Added option to disable/enable autoplay with videos (In Configurationmenuitem).
Added possibility to toggle having the directorylistwindow to the right or to the left in browser.
Added Help->Check for new version (my first php-exercise ;-).
Added "DivX Player 2.0 Alpha" to the Open With list.
Added "Photoshop Elements" to the Open With list.
And more...

Six serious flaws in IE and Office
Via Internetnews.com

August 23, 2002

Great new Flash add-on to create proyectors.
Flash Studio 1.0
Flash Studio allows you to create completely customized executables from your Macromedia Flash 4, 5 and MX swf's, whilst supporting over 25 new fscommands for real-world use and power in your applications.
Both Standard and PRO all completely FREE for non-commercial use.

New open source RSS viewer.
RSS viewer
Really interesting rss viewer with download provided.
[Via jdb cyberspace]

Flash MX and taking control of the camera.
View it here
Great application of new video capabilities of Flash MX. Also you need a great technology to do it, no less than 36 cameras and a whole brain.
[Via jdb cyberspace]

August 22, 2002

Macromedia Certified Professional Program
Certification Exams
It seems a great opportunity to get a Macromedia certified.
[Via Mesh on MX]

August 20, 2002

What a partnership!
Read the news
I really interested in seeing the evolution of this application. It will become an inflexion point in applications development.
Via SwfNews

August 18, 2002

Moving to a new company !
Well, after 2 years working at Softmed I'm moving to a great company: Telefonica. I hope there my future will be more stable. In Telefonica I'm going to develop all multimedia applications and take charge of anything done with Flash. Also I'm going to design websites. It seems a good work and a new challenge !!

August 14, 2002

Full Winamp 3 is out!
Download it

August 01, 2002

On Holidays till 14th August!
Well now I'm going to Almeria (Spain coast) to have a pleasant holiday. Perhaps I meet one of my "always" readers. Thanks to you all for been there.
I promise that when I got back from holidays there's going to be a huge bunch of updates and interesting things. I'm going to work hard to share with you some great stuff.
Have a nice holiday and behave yourself !!

Future of Flash article.
It's a good article that points out many of the improvents that Flash MX can provided to the Internet user experience today.

Anna Nicole's Treasure Chest Shockwave Game.
Shockwave game
Funny game here.

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