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Welcome to MoiK78 blog, your daily intake of internet and technology news.

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May 12, 2003

Dano blogs: the new and improved Blogger.
It seems that after the fusion with Google they are doing great things. They have completely re-designed the code and redesigned Blogger interfaces. In a couple weeks time, rhey will be transitioning everyone's blogs - posts, templates and all to the new system.
Also they included new tags and new features. Here there are some of them:
- New Standard and LoFi interfaces: completely redesigned Blogger interfaces.
- Contextual help: Context sensitive help for providing tips on Blogger usage, trouble shooting and explanation of blog settings.
- View Blog pane: a new tab allowing single-click viewing of your blog from within the Blogger interface or as launched in a new window.
- Publish pane: a new tab for displaying publishing status messages and offering the ability to republish latest post or entire blog.
- Template preview: preview the changes to your template before you publish.
- Mail-to-Blogger: The mail-to-blogger email address can now be used in a bcc: field. Emails can be formatted as as plain text, html or multi-part. Pre tags should not be used in html-formatted email and Body tags should not contain parameters.
Internationalization: Added timezone locales to blog settings and properly escape special characters for RSS feeds.
- sFTP: Blogger can now publish to external sites using secure FTP.

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Here there is a screenshot of the new application:

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