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Welcome to MoiK78 blog, your daily intake of internet and technology news.

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May 01, 2003

Working ID3 v1.1 genres tag.
Today I had to work with some MP3 files and have found that the id3.genre property outputs a number so I have to add an array of all the names of genres. Here they are in case you someday need them.

// Generic genres supported by ID3v1.1
MP3Genre_array = new Array("Blues", "ClassicRock", "Country", "Dance", "Disco", "Funk", "Grunge", "Hip-Hop", "Jazz", "Metal", "NewAge", "Oldies", "Other", "Pop", "R&B", "Rap", "Reggae", "Rock", "Techno", "Industrial", "Alternative", "Ska", "DeathMetal", "Pranks", "Soundtrack", "Euro-Techno", "Ambient", "Trip-Hop", "Vocal", "Jazz+Funk", "Fusion", "Trance", "Classical", "Instrumental", "Acid", "House", "Game", "SoundClip", "Gospel", "Noise", "AlternRock", "Bass", "Soul", "Punk", "Space", "Meditative", "InstrumentalPop", "InstrumentalRock", "Ethnic", "Gothic", "Darkwave", "Techno-Industrial", "Electronic", "Pop-Folk", "Eurodance", "Dream", "SouthernRock", "Comedy", "Cult", "Gangsta", "Top", "ChristianRap", "Pop/Funk", "Jungle", "NativeAmerican", "Cabaret", "NewWave", "Psychadelic", "Rave", "Showtunes", "Trailer", "Lo-Fi", "Tribal", "AcidPunk", "AcidJazz", "Polka", "Retro", "Musical", "Rock&Roll", "HardRock");

// Custom WinAmp genres
WinampGenre_array = new Array("Folk","Folk-Rock","National Folk","Swing","Fast Fusion","Bebob","Latin","Revival","Celtic","Bluegrass","Avantgarde","Gothic Rock","Progressive Rock","Psychedelic Rock","Symphonic Rock","Slow Rock","Big Band","Chorus","Easy Listening","Acoustic","Humour","Speech","Chanson","Opera","Chamber Music","Sonata","Symphony","Booty Bass","Primus","Porn Groove","Satire","Slow Jam","Club","Tango","Samba","Folklore","Ballad","Power Ballad","Rhythmic Soul","Freestyle","Duet","Punk Rock","Drum Solo","A capella","Euro-House","Dance Hall");

// All the genres, winamp included
allGenres_array = MP3Genre_array.concat(WinampGenre_array);

Download the .as file here.

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