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Welcome to MoiK78 blog, your daily intake of internet and technology news.

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July 06, 2004

Problem with browser-cache and XML files

I'm here with another question to the community. As you probably remmember from a previous post, I'm developing a notebook. I had some problems with the Unicode codification but it's solved. Now I have problems with the cache.

If you head to http://www.roquetasdigital.es/agenda (it's in spanish but you will understand it anyway) you can manage to know what's the problem.

Every month, I load a XML file generated by a PHP one. So when the user chooses another month or year it loads a new XML. The problem is that if you come back to a previous loaded month it doesn't get again the data from the server but from the cache. In AS, I delete the XML object everytime I load a new XML.
Is there a solution to these?

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