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Welcome to MoiK78 blog, your daily intake of internet and technology news.

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February 28, 2003

New version of MyIE2 explorer 0.7.435.
MyIE2 website.
I've been navigating with this add-on for 4 months and I won't go back to IE. It has all the features I missed in IE. Take a look at it, you will love it.
MyIE2 is a powerful multi-page browser based on the IE core (IE5.x or IE 6.0 required). It can open multiple web pages in just one window. And it only takes a little system resource when surfing with a greatly integrated user interface. It also supports special Plug-Ins & IE Extensions to let you have an enjoyable surfing experience.
Some Features:
- Auto-Hide Panel | Gives you more surfing space by hiding the toolbar;
- Customize Skins | Make your world brighter;
- Mouse Gestures | Command your browser with your mouse;
- News Group Browsing Mode | Open all News pages at once;
- Plug-ins Support | Extends The Functions of the IE Browser;
- External Tools | Enables you to switch to other programs with a simple click;
- URL Aliases | Name your favourite site and readily access it with a couple of letters;
- Default Search | Just type the words you want to search in the Address Bar;
- Form Auto-Filling | Save typing time;
- Auto Scroll | Scroll web pages down with no mouse use.
And more important, MyIE2 is freeware with no bound ads & needs no registration.

[Update]: It seems that the download page of the official site is down. Here it's a mirror to download it (777kb). You only have to unrar the file, no setup needed. I have included some skins I have downloaded, hope you like them ;)

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