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To use the e-mail encoder in your comments template:
Be sure that the form that includes all the form objects has this name: "form"
The email input object has to have this name: "insertEmail"
The hidden field where your encoded mail will be stored and sent to your server has to have this name: "email"
The submit button OK has an onClick event which launchs the makeKey function which needs two numbers as parameters. You have to select 2 prime numbers from (7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, 29, 31, 37, 41). They must be different numbers, and their product, must be greater than 255. Also, don't pick 29 and 31 together.

If for some reason you have to change the name of the form or the text fields, search for these lines in the .js and modify them with the correct names:

In the makeKey function:
var m = document.form.insertEmail.value; // Change the form name and the input name = tempString
document.form.insertEmail.value = "Your e-mail has been encrypted";

This will store in your server this string: 'javascript:goForth("### ### #### #",####,####)'. the # will be numbers. Be sure that when you retrieve the value of the email you include something like this in your template (it depends in how do you manage your template)
<A HREF=$email>email</a>

This is an example of mi e-mail encrypted

Download the encoding email stuff here. View the encoding form here.